Is It Possible To Have A Continuing Dream Friend or Dream Romance?

Is The question as it was posed;

I have read in some of your articles, that a portion of our consciousness actually is split off and resides somewhere else in a dream universe? Is this dream personality part of my life that I just don’t know about, and why don’t I know? I have had reoccurring dreams where it seems like I am in love with someone in the dream. Is that real or just my imagination?

This is a very interesting question and one that many people have had some experience with. Unfortunately, the answer isn’t simple, but nothing about the true nature of reality is simple, as many of you are learning. Dreaming is a wonderful thing for the human being, the animals, insects, birds, trees, flowers and all other living organisms.

Dreaming is an essential parameter of any physical reality system because of the construction of the physical organism. The physical body is made up of psychic, electromagnetic and chemical values and it is these, which gives the body its solid appearance. The physical body builds up chemical excesses during the daily activities that must somehow be discharged.

During the dreaming state, these chemicals are released and the system cleared of the chemical excesses. It should be understood then, that in non-physical reality systems similar to the one you will enter after death, dreaming is not one of the rules of the game as it is in the physical world.

You dream your dreaming self into existence each night and during that time; your body is ridding itself of these chemical excesses while you go about your business in the dream world. Because your dream self is not in a physical body, he does not need to dream and has other attributes and freedoms that you do not have in the physical world.

Your dream self creates objects and events in precisely the same way as you do in the world of matter, except for one thing, the results are completely different, since objects and events appear solid, and they are not.

In functionality, dream objects and events are as real as are physical objects and events, but they lack mass and bulk. They do have form, they are quite vivid and possess consciousness, but otherwise the dreaming self has other freedoms that you do not have at this time, at least not while you are focused in the physical world.

When you sleep, the ego is lulled into drowsiness and loses its dominance over the subconscious and this allows for the sleeping self and the inner self to create its dream adventures. The key word here is creating. The dream self actually creates its environment and events just like you do in your awake physical reality. There is one great difference between the two however, and the difference is in the number of people that can perceive the dream objects and landscapes.

In the physical world of your everyday life, you obviously create your reality unconsciously through processes, which we have discussed many times before so I won’t bore you by rehashing it over again at this time.

The important criterion in creating physical objects and events is that they must be able to be perceived by everyone around you where dream objects and events, being private creations, viewable only by you, need not be bothered with that requirement.

Dream reality then, is the creation of objects, landscapes, and events and yes, even other people who participate with you in the dream drama. Since you create the people in your dream scenario, they are real enough and do posses a somewhat limited consciousness and are capable of further development in the dream universe. These dream people that you create and interact with in your dreams are only minimally self-aware and are always connected with you the dreamer. They are not individuals in the sense that you use the word.

The dream universe is the closest actual, fully functional universe to your own physical universe. You might say that it is located on the other side of your physical universe, but not in what you would consider distance or space. When you dream, you revert to your dream aspect of yourself, you create the dream dramas, and you create the other personalities in these dramas. These dream personalities that you create are actually extensions of you, and possess fragments of your consciousness.

Everything that exists in the dream universe exists within the space of your cozy bedroom or comfortable living room as you doze on your couch. In a somewhat convoluted way, you go nowhere, but in another sense; you can travel across the country. Time and space simply said, do not hold sway in the dream universe. You can perceive and travel through a landscape that extends for miles in your dream, and never leave the confines of your bedroom.

Now, here is the interesting thing about all of this; while lying in bed dreaming, you cannot perceive the bed that you lie on or your familiar dresser or chest. Because, while you dream, you are not creating them and so long as no one else is in the room, they no longer exist. Instead, you utilize the very same atoms that make up the bed, chest and dresser, to create your dream landscapes, dream personalities and dream objects.

When you awaken, you cannot perceive those dream landscapes either from the awake condition, since you are no longer creating them, the atoms that made up the dream environments, are used to create your familiar bed, chest and dresser once again.

Since we have now covered some background, we can move on to the original questions. I think everyone at one time or another has experienced love in a dream, perhaps with a dream personality that you found very attractive. Under the right conditions, this could be experienced as dream love.

It is even possible to have reoccurring dreams where you meet the same dream person, or dream lover again and again, but here is the bottom line. These people in your dreams, even though they do posses a limited consciousness, and are only real to the extent of the dream drama, and have no ability to act on their own. They are your creations, in a way; they are your personal hallucinations.

There is no difference in a dream hallucination and a real hallucination in the physical world other than the number of people that can see the hallucinated object, person or even Remember, your dream creations are personal and do not have to be seen by anyone else, or created to the same standards that your awake physical creations that must be perceived by everyone.

Both are hallucinations only one ends up with physical matter and the other with an apparition like structure with no mass or bulk. Both have consciousness and both are real with their own limitations within their own universe, and one cannot exist without the other.

Your dream travels and adventures, must by their very nature, stay pretty much within the range of your physical system, and usually in the dream state, your dream travels will remain close to home, in the neighborhood, so to speak, in order the maintain the threadlike connection with the sleeping physical body. As you know, as a rule, most dreams that you can remember, deal with daily life situations and only rarely, on a very limited basis are you flitting around the universe.

Dreaming is your touchstone with physical reality, and in your dreams you work on solving problems that you confront in your daily life. In this sense, dreaming is very therapeutic and many spontaneous healing take place in the dream state.

Practically speaking, you can have a dream friend or dream lover, but they will be of your own creation and have no consciousness of their own, independent of yours.

There is one final aspect here that is worth mentioning, and that is the ability for telepathic communication between those who have left the physical system through death to make contact while the self is dreaming. This should not be construed as the same thing as interacting with a dream personality.

There is another ability of the dreaming self that we must also consider in light of this conversation. Sometimes your dreams are used as platforms for “Out of Body Projections”, and this does place you in contact with others who you can interact with to some extent, and they are real people, just as you are real people.

The personality, you, can project from the dream state, out of your dreaming body and travel in any number or ways, too numerous to cover here. You do project spontaneously in your dreams, and could encounter another person whom you are very attracted to. These people do exist independently of you and interactions are possible to some extent.

The only problem here is that it is sometimes difficult when remembering your dreams from the previous night, to tell whether a dream encounter was a simple dream or an out of body projection.

There are some differences that will help you differentiate between the two. Your OOB projections will usually be far more vivid and actual than a normal dream, with intense and vibrant colors. Your OOB projections will not be limited to the familiar earth landscapes, and theoretically, you can actually travel to other galaxies in your astral body, so if the landscape seems “out of this world”, quite possibly it is.

There have been many documented cases where two people arrange in advance planned meetings at pre-arranged locations and remembered the meeting in the morning after waking. It is possible, with much practice, to become aware of these nightly excursions and before retiring, to request travel to a prescribed destination, view what is there and return to the sleeping body, remembering what transpired in the projection.

Your traveling body in these projections is your “Astral Form” that is always with you. It is important to stress that this type of projection is an actual projection of your consciousness out of the body while the body sleeps and is maintained by the inherent body consciousness.

The possible duration of this type of out of body projection varies, but they are relatively brief. Consciousness simply cannot be separated from the physical body for any extended length of time. In the projections, unlike in our dreams, there is no attachment maintained, and the projecting consciousness is completely separated from the sleeping physical body.

The objects and events occurring in these OOB projections are real and not personally hallucinated creations as are your dream images, so they can be interacted with to some degree, and yes, you could theoretically, fall in love with and visit with someone special on multiple occasions.

It is also possible for those who are adept at projections to have regular meetings, or to plan to show up in a friend’s bedroom as they sleep and view their sleeping body. Make sure they know in advance that you will be coming.

You could, for instance, plan to meet a friend at midnight at the foot of the Eifel Tower in Paris France. In a dream, you would create the Eifel Tower, the other person and the Parisian cityscape in your bedroom, but in a projection, you would actually travel to the Eifel Tower and if everything goes as planned, have your planned meeting on the actual streets of Paris.

Finally, depending on the intensity of the projected image, others who are not dreaming, but fully awake can see it, and this is the reason that apparitions are sometimes seen by other people. They are actually travelling images of sleeping and projecting dreamers.

Law Of Attraction: Have LOA Will Travel

Do you dream of travelling to a faraway place? Of course you do. Everyone dreams of some exotic tropical island holiday, skiing on snow-capped mountains, trekking down some unbeaten trails or maybe experience some extreme adventure somewhere.

Unfortunately, you never actually got down to planning any one of it simply because you think they are just too expensive and you can’t afford it. Why accept defeat so easily? You have just as much right to travel the world as anyone else. Do you know you can make it happen? How does this relate to the law of attraction?

Personally, I had refused to entertain the idea of travelling when I was much younger despite my husband’s eagerness to see the world beyond our land. I had always thought of better uses for my savings than to waste it on travelling where upon our return the experience only remain as visions in my mind. However, deep down inside I harbor a desire to travel to the country of my dream, New Zealand. We traveled frequently within our country and after relenting to our first travel abroad in 2002 to Australia my desire to visit New Zealand grew stronger although it didn’t rank at the top of my husband’s travel list.

Since then, I had been dreaming, planning and visualizing our travels abroad and so far, we have been to several places in Thailand, Indonesia, China, Hong Kong and Macau. The best news is we will be heading to the Land of the Kiwis in less than 2 weeks’ time.

Behind this marvelous opportunity to travel to the country of my dream is the law of attraction. According to this universal law, you create your own reality. What you put your focus, thoughts and emotions on will turn into things. This is deliberate creation that is a unique power every one of us are born with. Therefore, you too can manifest your travel dreams.

According to the law of attraction, you only need to master 3 simple steps to achieve your dream;

Step 1 – Identify your desires and ask:

When you ask knowing what you truly want, you are vibrating an emotion with your thought energy and the Universe will match it by giving the same in return. The stronger your emotion, the faster the attraction. So when you ask, feel strongly and positively about whatever you want.

Step 2 – Raise your vibration by believing:

Just believe it when you tell yourself “what you ask is already given.” The moment you are clear about what you want, the process of deliberate creation has already started and in the process of being delivered to you. Do not be bothered on the how and when but simply focus on the end result.

Step 3 – Allow it by getting past your doubts:

Once you have put forward your request to the Universe and believe that it is already on its way, you need to be ready to receive. Allow yourself to receive the returns from the Universe by putting yourself into auto-pilot mode. Be excited and be grateful just like a little child receiving a Christmas present and you will strengthen the vibration of your emotions.

Before you actually proceed to consciously apply the law of attraction by observing the 3 steps, it is as important to rein in your emotions. Learn to take charge of it so that climbing back to your feel good level will always be easy. With practice, the deliberate creation through the law of attraction becomes a second nature.

Even before my dream travel to New Zealand takes off, my plans for our desired travel to Europe is already progressing along. The air tickets are purchased and our next stop will be Paris!

Don’t Have Time to Travel to Your Favourite Destination This Year? Think Again

Believe it or not, our life revolves around travel everyday! When we think of the word “travel,” we would normally think about exotic vacations, airplanes, road trips, our dream travel destinations, all inclusive hotels on a tropical island, you name it! Travelling is simply moving from point A to point B. This includes but not limited to travelling to work, travelling to school or even travelling to a destinations a few blocks away from our home.

Humans and animals travel for various reasons. During the winter time, some birds such as the Canadian geese, travel south to far as Mexico to escape the cold (humans do that too!), we as humans travel to work in order to make ends meet and the list can go on forever. Not to mention, we travel to other places on this planet to temporarily escape our chaotic environments, then we come back to it rejuvenated. Sometimes we even travel permanently to other destinations for various reasons such as seeking a “better life,” reuniting with family and taking up a new job offer.

Just about everyone has their own dream travel destination. Many people in developing countries dream about travelling to the USA to taste the American dream; many people from developed cold countries dream about travelling to tropical countries such as Jamaica to taste at least two weeks of sunshine and many others from various regions around the globe dream about exploring other countries that are known to have extraordinary sceneries.

Now unfortunately, many of us don’t get a chance to fulfill our travel dreams in our life time for various reasons such as lack of finances, can’t get the time off from work or just simply having to fulfill other commitments. These common excuses mentioned here are all understandable; however, the truth is you can still fulfill your travel dreams if you work hard at it. The question I have for you is, “How important are these travel dreams to you?” If your dream travel destination doesn’t have any form of priority in your life, don’t expect to be going anywhere soon! Yes, I would certainly encourage you to be realistic with your finances and resources at the same time. If you really want to go on that trip that dreamed about all your life, make it happen!

Start planning ahead with your family about the family travel plans. If you plan at least 1-2 years in advance, you can make it happen (depending on where you’re travelling). For example, if you’re planning an all inclusive trip to the Caribbean for a family of four, and save at least $200 US or more a month, you’ll be amaze to see how much you’ll end up by the end of the year!

You may say “I can’t afford this” but think about all the unnecessary things that you’re purchasing and add up how much you can be saving and who knows, you and your family can be able to fulfill that travel dream in less than a year! By saving up from now, you can pay for that vacation with cash without going in to debt if you start saving now. Yes, it’s going to take some sacrifice but at the end of the day, it’s all worth it. It’s good to also plan ahead with your boss when you want to take time off from work. If you own your own business, plan ahead of time to set aside some days off from work.

Did you know that there are some benefits about travelling? Education may be the first benefit. Yes, travelling can also be a learning experience. A person from a developed country who travels to a developing country may learn how to complain less and appreciate life more in his own developed country. A person from a developing country who travels to a developed country will learn that he can have a “better life” in another environment though this may not be true all the time.

Travelling to other nations may give you the opportunity to discover developmental and business opportunities. If you’re an entrepreneur or investor who is on a vacation in another country, you may learn about some investment opportunities that may come with great rewards.

Travelling may be good times to get know your friends and family much better. Not to mention again, it’s one of the best opportunities to relax and escape the stressful world for a while. I enjoy travelling myself and I also enjoy encourage people to travel other places, and even locally. My travelling experience has taught me that there is much more to life than I thought before. In other words, my view about life has changed for the better.

Happy New Year to you! I hope that you, your family or friends, would be able to fulfill the travel dreams that you have in mind during this year. Remember, your travelling journey starts now by implementing the plans. All the best!

Silver Jewelry Trends, a Guide to Help Men in Wearing Jewelry

Human beings are always attracted towards jewelry and this is applicable to both, men and women. This may be due to various reasons such as fondness towards jewelry, healing properties or even the just for fun to warding off dangers. Jewelry has a long history and originally the jewels represented symbols of power and heath as they used gems in the jewelry, besides also considered it as a protection against evil and ills. Now the trend of silver jewelry has shot up the demand as it is affordable and comes in abundant designs.

The perspective of women wearing jewelry is not new and there is a message sent through the jewelry by the wearer. These metal tiny pieces create an effect on people’s opinions. The same goes with men’s jewelry as well. However, following these rules may be helpful for men as they decide wearing silver jewelry.

Keep It Simple

Initiate with a leather strapped classic silver watch. The next is to consider buying a silver band style watch, if you can afford and then branch on slowly to wearing cuff-links and accessories. Once you find yourself to be comfortable, get going with other jewelry pieces of your liking.

Match Metals

Generally, the men’s jewelry has silver and gold tones, they prefer going metallic. Remember to have only one metal on your outfit at a time. The gold goes well with earth tones and browns, hunter green or royal blues. On the other hand the silver tone and silver metals, the sterling silver or even the polished stainless steel look great. They are perfect for outside functions and provide eye-catching contrasts. You can easily pair your silver jewelry with dark gray or black clothing and men you will create magma feeling around you. This is also a timeless look that can be worn without the fear of it being really overwhelming on your clothing.

Understand Symbolism

Jewelry carries meaning and people wearing jewelry must know its symbolism. Of course, the same jewelry piece may be interpreted differently. Ornamental rings represent wealth and success, while the same is taken as organized crime affiliation.

This shows a man should be really careful in choosing and wearing jewelry pieces. It is best to stay within the norm or appear flashy. Apparently, jewelry adds a bit of uniqueness and color to an outfit. So, ensure to maintain a balance.

Avoid flamboyant Styles. Repeating it is hard at this point. Keep anything small and sleek, even in metallic. Wear jewelry that is meaningful. Apart from wedding rings, men can accent with a service pin in silver or wear an athletic ring, a class ring or even a necklace. Suit the jewelry to the situation.

Know the time to wear it. Save jewelry for big occasions. Bringing out specific pieces instead of wearing it every day makes you a festive statement and not some status piece.

Finding a Good Family Lawyer

Family lawyers are needed in different situations including divorce. Such situations are very stressful and if you are not careful, you may have a very hard time during such times. There is a need to have a professional with a deep understanding of the law on your side so as to handle different situations that you may not know how to handle completely. This can make the process much easier for you and the whole family.

When you are looking for a family lawyer, there are some qualities that should be outstanding. These will help you know whether the person you have chosen to represent you is capable of handling himself and the case at hand. Some important qualities include:

  1. Communication: the lawyer should be able to communicate and communicate well. This is very critical. The lawyer needs to be able to communicate in an easy and clear manner. When you have a lawyer, it is necessary that you are able to voice your expectations and concerns. It is the job of the lawyer to explain things clearly to you as well as those that have to do with the case and to give you expectations that are realistic. The lawyer should also be able to communicate with other parties to the case. Good communication leads to effective negotiations keeping costs down. A good communicator will also be very helpful should the case go to court.
  2. Experience and skills: while it is important to have an attorney to represent you, it is important that he is able to represent you well. So as to do this, skills are required. A case such a divorce can touch on many aspects of family life as we know it. This may include career, retirement, finances and so on. The lawyer should be experienced and very knowledgeable so as to make sure that all your interests are protected. Experience in family law cases is an added advantage especially if such a case has a lot of similarities with yours.
  3. Availability: when you are searching for a representative, make sure it is a person that is available in all the important points of your case. If he can’t be present all the time, he should have support available to cover when he has other matters to attend to. The lawyer should avail himself to respond to questions in a good and timely way, he should work with timeframes so as to reassure you of his dedication. He shouldn’t be too held up with pother cases so as to be able to pay attention to yours.
  4. Composure: your family lawyer should be able to maintain his composure at all times. This isn’t only about staying focused and calm, but also exhibiting a lot of self-control when in the courtroom or when dealing with other lawyers, even if he feels frustrated, your interests need to represent very strongly but he shouldn’t take things too personally when the turn of events isn’t completely to his favor.
  5. Support and resources: lawyers have other clients too, and it is not possible that they will always be available to answer questions every time something comes up. It helps when the lawyer has a team working with him so that even emergencies can be handled swiftly.
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Why Should We Hire Family Law Practice

Family law can be defined as a practice that is closely concerned with the legal issues that have to do with family relationships like child custody, divorce and adoption. The lawyers who practice in this area usually deal with divorce, child support and so on. There are those that choose to specialize in emancipation, paternity, and adoption or any matters that relate to divorce. Formal requirements have to be reasonable and that is usually determined by the state. This includes things like legal capacity, age and same sex marriages. The state is also responsible for setting out the procedures and the rules that govern divorce as well as other matters related to family law.

Important terms to family lawyers

Emancipation: this is a process of the court whereby a person or a minor is allowed to be self-supporting. This means that he assumes the responsibilities of an adult for his welfare and won’t be under the parents.

Marital property: this is the kind of property that was acquired by a spouse while they were married and that needs to be divided when they divorce.

Alimony: this is the allowance that is given to a spouse for support when they are legally divorced or separated or when they are awaiting either of the two.

Paternity: the descent or origin from father. Establishing paternity means that you are confirming who the biological father of the child is.

Prenuptial agreement: this is an agreement that is usually made between two parties before they get married. Here, future rights to property are given in case death or divorce occurs.

Why hire a family lawyer?

Many of the family lawyers offer their services during divorce proceedings and other matters that may be related to divorce. Family law is a broad practice however, and it includes areas like reproductive rights and foster care. Some of the reasons as to why you may need a family lawyer include:

Divorce: every partner hires a lawmaker who is responsible for the creation of a settlement plan so as not to go top trail. They are usually people who can be able to divide any marital property, proposing child custody scenarios, and also calculating spousal support.

Child support/ child custody: the court orders and agreements on settlement involve support and custody and can be included in divorce cases that are larger. These can be revisited if any conditions change like the financial standing of a parent.

Paternity: sometimes a mother can file such a case as they try to secure some child support payments from the father. Also, a father can file a paternity case so as to be able to have a kind of relationship with a child. DNA testing is used for the determination.

Adoption: foster care and adoption is both complex. The process can differ and usually factors like where a child is from and state laws can affect the process. A family lawyer can be able to handle all these. A foster parent can sometimes adopt a foster child. The entire foster process sometimes doesn’t require any kind of legal representation.

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How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Transport: Useful Hints and Tips

Getting married is one the happiest days of your life. Planning the logistics for the big day can be some of the most stressful days of your lives. Choosing the right wedding transport for your big day can be one of those stressful decisions. In this article, we will consider some of the factors that you should take into consideration when making this decision.

The first thing you need to decide on is the budget for your wedding transport. Weddings are traditionally one of the most expensive events of your life, so you will need to have a budget in place for each of the wedding elements and decorations. However much you choose to allocate to your wedding transport is obviously a personal decision. Whatever the budget you set, you should try to keep as close as possible to this number.

Once you have a budget in mind, this will help you to progress to the next steps. The main question here is – what can you afford within your budget. Of course, some people may have no set budget in place and be able to afford the weddings of their dreams. They might choose a traditional horse drawn carriage, or a set of matching stretch limousines. These are classic types of wedding transport which can provide beautiful memories.

In this article, we will focus on choosing wedding transport within a certain budget. Choosing where to book or hire your wedding transport from can be a tricky decision. The majority of people these days will book this transport online. This tends to make financial sense as the cost of booking online is usually significantly cheaper than going to a physical store. However, just because you are booking online does not mean that you should expect any less of a customer service experience.

A simple Google search for “wedding transport” will return millions of results; so, how do you narrow this down. Firstly, try to understand what specific type of transport you wish to book. Many people grow up dreaming of their wedding, and have a very good idea of the type of transport they want to show up to their wedding in. Whether it is a classic Bentley, or a stretch limousine or even a classic Rolls Royce, there are literally hundreds of options.

Once you have decided the type of transport that you require, you are now left to choose where you wish to hire the wedding car from. As we mentioned above, there is an abundance of websites offering these types of services. You can rely on an internet search, or you can also rely on word of mouth. In the wedding industry in particular, people will often rely on word of mouth because it is something so special to a person. Your wedding is the most important day of your life, so you, understandably, do not want to leave anything to choice.

If you do not have the luxury of relying on a word of mouth recommendation, then you can also find a company on the internet. Try to focus on companies which have a good reputation and with professionally designed websites. This promotes the idea of trust and you can be more assured that they will provide a professional service at your wedding.

The majority of wedding transport companies will also provide a chauffeur service for the transport. Although this is now commonplace as a standard, you should ensure that the company is providing a chauffeur for you. Always double and trick check timings, as there is nothing worse than being late for your own wedding.

Remember, your wedding is your dream day. Picking the perfect wedding transport can make your day extra special.

How to Safeguard Your Immune System

The immune system of a human body is a network of cells, tissues and organs that work together to defend the body against the attacks by the ‘foreign’ invaders. The term ‘foreign invader’ is used for the bacteria, parasites, fungi and other viruses that can lead to illness through infections. It is the job of an immune system to keep these infectious organisms out and destroy them.

Though unseen, the immune system cells are constantly gobbling up with the bacteria and blocking viruses from invading your cells. Similar to your heartbeat and indigestion, the immune response is a system that functions on its own and you don’t control them. But, there are a lot of practices that can work as your helping hand. Some of such practices are:

Good hygiene- The first step to begin with the defence is to keep all prospective germs at bay. How can it be done? By following good personal hygiene habits. Stop infection as it begins and before it begins. Make sure you avoid spreading your infections to others with these simple measures:

  • Wash your hands regularly with soap or use sanitizers 5-6 times a day. Always prepare or eat food after washing your hands and every time you use the restroom.
  • Whenever you sneeze or cough, make sure you cover your mouth and nose with a tissue in order to avoid its germs infect others.
  • Always bandage all your cuts because if left open, it can become septic and harm your immune system. If you have any serious cut or wound anywhere on your body, get is examined by the doctor within due course of time.
  • Do not touch your healing wounds and do not squeeze pimples because doing so allows germs to enter your body.

Vaccination or Immunisation- A number of serious infections can be prevented by immunisation. Whereas vaccination is used to cure a sore arm or low fever. The vaccination is generally safe and effective in curing such diseases. And when it comes to the infections, consult your doctor for the immunisation status. A number of health care providers and centres provide immunisation services. Generally:

  • Children should be given all necessary immunisations and vaccinations as and when recommended by the doctors.
  • All adults should make sure their vaccinations are up-to-date.
  • Travellers should get additional immunisations before their date of journey.

Food safety- Mark yourself safe from the causes of food-poisoning not because they are life-threatening but they can lead to serious medical conditions sometimes. For this, you have to prepare and store your food safely. Take necessary precautions to kill germs or to prevent them entering your immune system:

  • Wash your hands with soap and water before and after each time you handle a raw food.
  • Rinse all meat, poultry, and fish under running water before cooking. Rinse all fruits and vegetables under running water before cooking or serving them.
  • Separate raw foods and cooked foods, and never use the same utensils or cutting boards with cooked meat that were used with raw meat.

Healthy travel- If you’re planning a trip, make sure you consult your doctor once, for, if your body needs some immunisations and vaccines before you make any travel. Consult your doctor at least 3 months or as early as possible about your journey and ask him about the precautions you have to take during your visit to the place.

11 Ways to Protect Your Phone

Smartphones have evolved in gigantic leaps over the years. You can now use your phones for virtually anything: from paying bills, to checking important emails, to storing sensitive data and media. There is not a lot that smartphones can’t do.

With this type of technological advancement, the risks have skyrocketed as well. This means that the little device that fits so snuggly in your hands will put you at great risk if you were to let your guard down and have it stolen, hacked or damaged.

The good news is that there are actually several of ways to safeguard your phone and this article talks about 11 of them. Let’s begin!

Use Lock Codes

This should be obvious enough, but you’d be surprised how many people don’t even bother setting up a lock code for their phones and sim cards. The rub lies way beyond lost contacts and possible missed appointments. Worst case scenario: if your phone gets stolen or lost, your data will be vulnerable to people with bad intentions.

Avoid this problem by inputting a password not only on your phone, but also on your sim card. That way, you’d at least buy yourself some time to do something about the loss before someone else can crack your pass-codes.

Watch Which Wireless Networks You Connect To

We live in the era of social media, wherein people thrive on being connected to others from all over the globe. Staying connected online usually sucks up data and drives your phone bills through the roof, which is why WiFi connections are a godsend. However, if you’re not careful about which one you connect to, you may just subject your phone to malicious parties.

Thankfully, smartphones have been programmed to lessen the chances of this risk. Make it a habit to turn off your wireless connection whenever you’re not using it. This tip actually solves two problems: help you avoid data breach on your phone and make your battery last longer.

Be Wary of Bluetooth Connections As Well

Although much safer than wireless connections because of their relatively short range, Bluetooth connections can still pose as threats to your phone’s safety. Hackers, when in range, can just as easily make calls, listen in on conversations and access data like they were doing it on their own phones.

Set the Non-Discoverable mode as your default Bluetooth configuration. By doing so, your device will no longer pop up on a potential hacker’s list. If you get unfamiliar requests to pair with your device, always choose to decline.

Be Extra Careful With Apps

With the recent surge of malware on phones that run on Android OSs, one needs to become extra vigilant when downloading applications. Although it may not be convenient to read through the software requirements upon installation, but doing so will give you an idea if a software, particularly an unknown one, is being reasonable with their access requests.

Always make sure to download apps from secured and official platforms only. You can also keep your phone safe by not saving your access details each time you log on to internet browsers as doing so will make it easier for hackers to access your data since they’ll all be in one place.

Download Effective Anti-Malware

This comes in handy if you’re unlucky enough to get malware on your phone from downloading apps. An anti-malware software will definitely soften the blow from infections and will save your information and media from getting damaged.

Update Your Phone’s OS Frequently

Constant OS updates can get a bit annoying at times, but you will serve your phone well by not ignoring it. Updating your OS will put into action a better and more secured system that will keep your data protected. So when a reminder pops up on your phone screen, clear up some storage space and start updating right away.

Back Up Your Data

Losing your phone is bad enough. Waiting forever to retrieve all your contacts, appointments, sensitive data and pertinent documents makes it so much worse. Backing up your phone’s data may not seem important to you now, but it will certainly be convenient when you need it.

There are services that will automatically upload all your data to an online resource each time you connect to a strong WiFi network, leaving you free from the hassles of setting it up yourself. Find one that suits your phone’s OS best and take advantage of it.

Jail-breaking or Rooting Your Device Is A No-No

Jail-breaking or rooting a smartphone is one way of bypassing the manufacturers’ security protocols. Doing so will significantly weaken your phone and render them vulnerable to software threats. Try to avoid doing this as much as you can.

Get Insurance

Human error will never be out of the question when it comes to dealing with phone safety. Accidental drops and liquid spills are commonplace and will probably set you back a couple hundred bucks in repairs.

By purchasing insurance for your phone, the damages mentioned above will be covered and will give you less threats to worry about. There are plenty of good insurance plans out there. All you have to do is look into them and figure out what kind of coverage you want.

Use a Reliable Screen Protector

As far as damages to your phone screen is concerned, you can never go wrong by getting a proven and tested protection technology that will never fail you in times of need. There are a lot of good options in the market today, but the products that stand out are usually the ones that go above and beyond.

Opt for screen protectors made out of military-grade polyurethane for an extra layer of defense from blunt trauma. These things are usually more affordable than you think and can definitely withstand great impact, leaving your phone screen unscathed each time.

11. Invest in a Dependable Case

You can take all the necessary precautions in keeping your phone safe, but you can’t deny the fact that they’re always just one massive drop away from being completely useless. Don’t worry, it happens even to the most cautious people.

When you invest in a shock- and waterproof phone case, you significantly decrease your worries of dropping and damaging your phone. You can now take your phone everywhere – the beach, the mountains and even the skies. Make sure that you choose phone cases that are made from military-grade materials, submersible in water up to 24 feet, and shock-, snow- and dust-proof.

Making sure your phone is safe at all times can get a bit overwhelming, but the tips above will take a considerable amount of pressure off your shoulders. Keep them in mind and you’ll be good to go.

Contract Vs Non-Contract Cell Phone Plans – Captivating Pros And Nasty Cons

There has been a huge debate over which type of cell phone plan is better, contract plans or non-contract plans. I will not share my opinion on which one I think is better. Today I will share with you some pros and some cons to help you make a decision on which one is better.

Contract Plans:

I used to have a contract phone when I was in high school. My mom got it for me because she wanted to keep in contact with me in case an emergency happened while I was in school.

Here are 2 Pros:

1. In my opinion, I believe that you will have better customer service. Although this is not true for every single carrier, in a lot of cases, the customer service agencies are normally nicer and more helpful. After all, you have agreed to a two year deal so it is only natural to keep you happy as a customer. They want to keep you happy so you can renew your contract with them again when it is over.

2. In addition, you also pay less for your phones. Instead of paying 500 dollars or more on a cell phone, you get to pay it at a smaller capacity every month. Not many of us have enough money to just buy a cell phone in cash and walk out, so this is a good option in my opinion.

2 Cons:

1. You are committed, on average, for two years and you will have to pay a huge price in order to leave, if you do not want to stay anymore.

2. Fees: Contract Phones are normally riddles with many fees. People who have prepaid or non-contract plans usually have fewer fees.

Non-Contract Plans

When I was in college, I wanted to have a better phone so I got a contract phone. Its abilities were amazing, and I could do virtually anything on that phone.

Here are 2 pros:

1. The savings are usually bigger. Since you are not obligated to any contracts, you have more power to pay for the things you want to pay for.

2. Flexibility:

If you need to take a break from your carrier, then you can do so easily. Unlike contract plans, you will not have to pay for any termination fees.

Here are 2 cons:

1. You are not the top priority to your carrier. While this is not true for all carriers, some carriers believe that they should put more energy towards the people committed to them. They use less energy towards the consumers that can leave them at any time.

2. In addition, the customer service tends to be a little poorer than the people who are under contract. The reason for this is because of loyalty. Businesses tend to favor consumers who want to be with them for a long period of time.